So THAT’S Why We Should Be Eating Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the health food scene. And if you’re someone who makes an effort to eat healthier, you may have dabbled in a chia seed recipe or two. These tiny black seeds are tasteless — and undergo a really cool gelatinous transformation when wet — so they’re easy enough to incorporate into your diet. But do you have any idea why you should actually be doing so?

As much as we like chia seed pudding, we wondered if chia was really worth all the hype so we investigated — and what we found was a resounding yes. If you’re looking to add more good-for-you foods into your diet, chia is a great ingredient to incorporate. Here are the five main reasons why:

1. They’re full of our favorite thing: antioxidants.

Antioxidants are good not only good for our cells — protecting them from the effects of free radicals — but they’re great for our skin, too. That could mean fewer wrinkles in the future

2. A small serving of chia seeds has as much Omega-3 fatty acids in 2 tablespoons as 4 ounces of salmon. 

It can be hard to get the recommended amount of Omega-3s without OD-ing on salmon. Chia seeds can help you give the filet a break.

3. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber.

Two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 10 grams of fiber, which is roughly 30 percent of the recommended daily intake. A high fiber diet is said reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases. 

4. They are high in protein, too. 

Four grams for each serving (which is two tablespoons). That might not sound like a lot, but it adds up. 

5. Chia seeds contain loads of calcium.

This is great news for anyone who doesn’t like — or just can’t — do dairy. The seeds contain five times more calcium than milk per ounce.

And just look at all the delicious things you can make with them.

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What could be one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp? It aint crosswords

What’s the best way to keep your brain sharp-worded?

When most of us think about stopping our mentalities flexible and strong, most of us maybe think of things like brainteasers…

Gimme that seed! GIF via DailyPicksandFlicks/ YouTube.

…or jigsaw puzzles…

Behold! The most satisfying video on the internet. GIF via OskarPuzzle/ YouTube.

…or crosswords.

Oh my God, they’re doing it in pencil. Hard. Core.

And brain objections can help, although not every puzzle is created equal( some studies suggest that doing a cluster of crosswords has the potential to realize you better at crosswords, for example ).

But maybe we need some of THIS added to the desegregate:

Don’t bother him, he’s exercising his brain.

Exercise won’t exactly establish you swole, a new contemplate demoes it also obstructs your psyche young.

As we get older, our brains tend to slow down a bit, but a brand-new learn is presented in Neurology been demonstrated that exert remains our psyches quick, sharp, and powerful.

The study followed about 900 older people over the course of many years. The researchers evaluated how much exercise the people were get, then over the course of more than a decade, they evaluated their mental capabilities utilizing reminiscence and logic research. They even expended MRIs.

At the end, such studies pictured people who deeply exercised had mentalities that gazed 10 year older than their peers.

Those parties were both quicker at figuring happenings out and had better storages. The researchers note that it wasn’t merely any employ the benefit came for the people who got regular moderate to intense usage, like ranging or aerobics.

The investigates did caution that they can’t outline a direct 1:1 relationship between usage and psyche age, but employ carries a lot of other benefits that might coming on to helping our mentalities regardless . Exercise can help fight off hypertension( which can affect our mentalities) and lessen stress( which is a good thing all around ). Some analyzes have even recommended effort can shape your brain big by publication!

Go for the gold!

Brain training.

So the next time you think about biding sharp-witted, it might be is high time to put down the crossword riddle and break away those running shoes.

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Rev Run and Justine Simmons raise awareness for diabetes prevention

Joseph Reverend Run and Justine Simmons are a busy couple. On meridian of hosting Rev Runs Sunday Dinner on the Cooking Channel and Rev Runs Around the World on the Travel Channel, the hip hop-skip icon and his wife of 26 times is necessary extra careful to keep their health in check as theyre both at risk for diabetes.

Rev Run and Simmons are more susceptible to the disease because they are both African Americans over persons under the age of 45 with a family history of kind 2 diabetes. Now, they find themselves urging people to call the to learn about diabetes risk factors and how to keep the disease at bay.

When the husband and wife duo found out they had a high risk of growing diabetic, they built changes to their lifestyle including becoming more active and cooking with healthier methods.

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How Much You’d Have To Work Out To Burn Off Every Type Of Alcohol

You’ve probably been told at some point not to drink your calories, but you obviously ignored that and ordered another drink because well, thats just unrealistic. I mean, as much as we can avoid sugary drinks and 500-cal fraps during the day, going out means drinking your calories. Thats just like, the rules of feminism. Anyway, its no shock that alcoholic drinks have a shit ton of calories in them, but it might actually shock you how much exercise youd need to do to burn it all off. In case you’re wondering why you’ve been slowly putting on weight even though you totally did half an hour on the elliptical once this week, sorry, but this is your rude awakening. Heres how to burn off those calories based on what you drank.

1. A Glass Of Fros

As if ros wasnt WASP-y enough, fros has become the cocktail of the summer, but sadly, this Instagrammable piece of art clocks in at around 230 calories with over 30 grams of sugar PER GLASS. That Wlffer Estate Vineyard geotag might be getting you a ton of likes, but whether or not the calories are worth it is debatable. To burn off 230 calories, youd have to run for about 30 minutes, which is about how long it takes to run a 5k. Just let that sink in. Now look at your life, look at your choices.

2. Rum Or Vodka Shots

Vodka and rum have the same amount of calories, which is about 100 per shot. Taking shots is obviously the best calorie-saving option since youre avoiding sugary syrups, but considering youre taking AT LEAST 3 shots when you go out, lets do the math for 3 shots of either vodka or rum. In case you skipped the second grade, 3 shots is 300 calories, which is basically a 45-minute HIIT or bootcamp type of class. I mean, you might need an extra shot just to deal with the trainer yelling in your face to stop half-assing your burpees, so you might want to factor that in as well.

3. Margarita On The Rocks

The good news here is that tequila is the lowest calorie alcohol (blessings), clocking in at around 70 calories per shot. However, thats the ONLY good news. Margaritas are filled with sugar and sweet liqueur, and ordering 2 glasses can add up to about 700 calories total. You might have thought you were making the healthy choice by saying no to a blended drink, but even standard margaritas on the rocks are packed with more sugar than the box of Munchkins you proudly rejected this morning. Youd need to burn around 700 calories in an intense 45-60 minute spin class to account for that happy hour at Dos Caminos, so Id book your bike ASAP if I were you.

4. One Bottle Or Can Of Beer

So you thought you seemed super chill by ordering a beer with your guy friends at a sports bar, even though you literally don’t know the difference between basketball and football. The good news is, beer isnt THAT high in calories. One bottle is only about 90-150, depending on the brand. However, the fact that youre super bloated afterwards sucks, and lets be realyou demolished the chicken fingers being passed around anyway. Luckily for you, youd burn more than 150 calories in a Vinyasa Yoga class or a 20-minute jog.

5. A Pia Colada

Unless youre a high schooler at your cousins bat mitzvah or youre at a bachelorette in Aruba for the weekend, Im not sure why youd randomly order a Pia Colada, but if you do, just know youre consuming about 300 calories per drink. The pineapple juice itself is super sugary, and then the coconut milk and coconut cream blended in with the rum just add a ton of calories. Youd have to jump rope for about half hour to burn 300 calories, which sounds like something I haven’t even attempted since seventh grade gym class. Enjoy that. 

6. One Vodka Soda

If youve been ordering a vodka soda ever since the day you started drinking, youre a true betch. This staple drink is less than 100 calories, and even though were obviously not only having one, its our best bet for a legit cocktail you can order when no one else is down to pound shots. The perfect vodka soda consists of one shot of vodka, some club soda, and a shit ton of slice of lime. Honestly, if you wanted to burn that off as quickly as possible, you can just do treadmill sprints for like, 5 minutes and itll do the trick. Calories are calories, but if you had a good night and woke up to 10 texts praising your shit show of a Snapchat story, they were worth it. Cheers. 

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A Tedious Quest For The Best Way To Deseed A Pomegranate

The months when pomegranates are in season are some of best available months of the year. When they start demonstrating up in the produce region, portraits of jeweled cheese dances, spectacular winter salads and bedazzled yogurtscome to mind, but firstly first we have to get those splendid seeds out of the fruit’s tight hold.

There are many ways to crack into a pomegranate, each with their own pros and cons. We thoughts, when it comes down to it, the best method for each individual actually depends on your temperament. Some modes are better for impatient sorts, others will exclusively wing with the OCD-leaning folks.

These are the most popular techniques, presented in no particular guild. Lead with what detects right only make sure you get into a pomegranate( or twelve) this season.

1. The Quick And Dirty Method

This method which we detected from FoodBeast we like to think of as the quick and grimy, because that’s exactly what it is. It gets the seeds out speedily some pretension in exactly three seconds but it will virtually pledge a mess. You will get juice all over the place if you’re not meticulous.

Here’s how it’s done 😛 TAGEND

First, you cut a pomegranate in half. Then…

Food Beast

…you whack it like crazy until all the seeds come out.

That’s right, whack it with the back of a wooden spoonful or metal spatula until nothing is left but the hard skin and white layer. Receive 😛 TAGEND

Food Beast

2. The Safe And Clean Method

If dirty is not really cool with you, there is a clean direction to deseed a pomegranate. It’s so clean that it implies a container of sea and there is absolutely no whack. This method requires that you cut the top and bottom off the fruit, rating it down the sides and divide the pomegranate in half, like so:

Your Produce Guy

Once you have your pomegranate segments, immerse them into the container of water and free the seeds out of the return. The seeds should settle to the bottom, the lily-white membrane floats to the top and the juice only blends in with the water. It should go something like this 😛 TAGEND

Your Produce Guy

3. The Super Meticulous Method

Another way to get pomegranate seeds without making a mess or utilizing a bowl of water is to know how to carefully cut one open. If you do it just right, there should be no mess at all because no seed will be accidentally cut into.

First, cut a cone into the flower goal of the fruit trying not to cut into the seeds.

Second, look at your pomegranate and you’ll see that there are ridges on it. This is where the pomegranate will naturally come apart without violating any seeds. Thinly score along the bank and then smash it open.

Then you can easily ate the seeds right from the fruit or gently lever them away from the layer and gather in a bowl.

Once you’ve successfully free-spoken the seeds, make sure you include them to everything you eat.

These Are The Best Chicken Recipes Of 2016

For Bon Appetit , by Bon Appetit .

There’s a reason that everything unknown “tastes like chicken.” It’s because we < em> miss it to taste like chicken. It’s the most versatile, customizable, and crowd-pleasing meat on the planet. From battering and frying to coating in koji to smothering in yellow adobo, you are able to cook chicken in just about any method imaginable, and during the past time, we did. These were our very best new chicken recipes in 2016, and yeah, there’s soup.

Alex Lau

Pounded Lemongrass Chicken

This aromatic Vietnamese-inspired dish calls for pounding the chicken breasts to a uniform thinness, which eliminates any dryness.

Alex Lau

Chicken Milanesa with Maggi Ranch Sauce

This irresistible matchup of crispy and creamy exhausts more dopamine than a crate of Cheetos.

Alex Lau

Filipino Chicken Adobo

Depending on your personal predilection, you can brush off and abandon the peppercorns before fix, or leave them on for stronger flavor. One of our food editors enunciates this chicken adobo recipe is actually the greatest of all time.

Alex Lau

Herbed Chicken Salad over Crispy Rice

As youre crisping the rice for this chicken salad recipe, the leeks and carrots may search very dark. Dont be scared or indignant at us; the veggies arent burnt, theyre merely deeply caramelized and will contribute lots of flavor to the final bowl. Check out step-by-step photos here.

Alex Lau

Elizabeth Street Caf’s Chicken& Rice Soup

Sticky rice is worth use for this porridge-y, comforting chicken soup recipe; it exhausts lots of milky starches and facilitates body-builds nice torso as it cooks.

Danny Kim

Pietros Chicken Parmesan

At Pietros, the concocts deep fry the chicken cutlets in a large, broad skillet, which allows the lubricant to come up to temperature very quickly and stay there once the cutlet is included. Smart, but potentially chaotic( its a lot of lubricant !). If you have a Dutch oven with high-pitched slopes, that they are able to downplay splatterwed detect rotten if you got burned.

Michael Graydon& Nikole Herriott

Braised Chicken Thighs with Squash and Mustard Greens

Dont have an acorn squash for this chicken thighs recipe? Use butternut. Not into mustard parks? Use kale, Swiss chard, or spinach.

Peden+ Munk

Grilled Chicken Wings with Shishito Peppers and Herbs

Steady medium heat is best for grilling wings; they need day for the fat to render and the surface to crisp.

Alex Lau

Fennel-Rubbed Chick-etta

The traditional stuffed pork roasted is so luscious but so wearisome. This chicken has all the same garlicky, herby flavorsnot to mention lots of crispy bacon bitsand its optimized for a weeknight meal.

Alex Lau

BA’s Best Fried Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is engineered for maximum affect. Each point is breathtaking, but its the style they come together that introduces it over the top. Mmmmm, yeah. This is part of BA’s Best, a collection of our crucial recipes.

Alex Lau

Ginger Cashew Chicken Curry

Instead of chicken, this curry recipe is really good with boneless pork chops. Cut into ” pieces and continue as written. Check out step-by-step photos here.

Alex Lau

Roast Koji Chicken

If possible, plan in advance for this easy chicken recipe; giving it chill for 2 days after being seasoned has a huge impact on the flavor and also dedicates the skin time to dehydrate, which magnifies its crispy potential.

Alex Lau

Chicken Stew with Cannellini Bean and Dried Cherries

If youre not following our weekly banquet proposal and not drawing the Grilled Cheese( though you really should; its fascinating ), which you need wheat food for, use country loaf or sourdough dough, crusts removed, for optimal breadcrumbs for this chicken stew recipe. Check out step-by-step photos here.

Alex Lau

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Bacon and Wilted Escarole

A single pan leads to numerous amazes: crackly-skinned chicken, hardy escarole, and a touch of smoky bacon.

Alex Lau

Yellow Chicken Adobo

Though widely accepted as “the member states national” bowl of the Philippines , no two adobos are the same. This one calls for an unapologetic sum of turmeric, which has a reasonably bitter, clearly earthy flavor, and those deep, dark memoes are backed up by charred coconut. This recipe is from Bad Saint, one of the Hot 10, America’s Best New Restaurants 2016.

Peden+ Munk

Roast Chicken with Harissa and Schmaltz

The real magic in this cook chicken recipe is in the members of the group of schmaltz, AKA made chicken fatten, sizzling in the pan.

Peden+ Munk

Spicy& Healthy Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the eventual consolation nutrient. This healthy version carries spicy flavor, thanks to jalapeo. The squash and lettuce parks are seasonal and healthy, but you can add whatever veggies you like.

Alex Lau

Gochujang-Braised Chicken and Crispy Rice

Long-grain rice is not starchy enough to hold together, so make a batch of short-grain a era onward and youll be good to go.

Gentl& Hyers

Coconut Chicken Curry with Turmeric and Lemongrass

This isnt a super-saucy chicken curry; the aromatics from the coconut chicken will brown in the pan, producing lots of yummy crisp bits.

Alex Lau

Jerk SpiceRubbed Chicken Legs

We took the traditional Jamaican jerk spice andsimplified it. Before you call the authenticity police, give it a try on roast chicken legs.

Michael Graydon& Nikole Herriott

Kimchi-Braised Chicken with Bacon

To realise the finished dish less of a knife-and-fork occasion, withdraw existing braised chicken from the bone, shred it with got a couple of forks, and then whisks it back into the tomato-kimchi sauce.

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