Why cooking is a metaphor for life, from a professional chef.

The more age I spend impression over my prep table surrounded by scorching hot saut pans, the swirling breezes of the toaster oven, and the fryer petroleum that stews away ever so patiently, the more I think about life and this world-wide we live in.

Ive persuaded myself that the kitchen and how we approach cooking, ingredients, and recipes can be the perfect analogy for life . By understanding the relationship between these two, Im able to see life in such a way that makes a lot more sense.

Sometimes we ask questions, and sometimes we seek refutes that are hard to find. This likenes facilitates me, I hope it will do the same for you.

1. If you follow a recipe, you know exactly what youre having for dinner.

But what if you let the recipe serve as a guide, instead? When you dont follow the relevant rules to a T, youre much more likely to end up with something different. Different can necessitate bad and inedible, in which example, I hope you learn lessons from your mistakes. However, if different means eliciting and undiscovered flavors you didnt know existed, you then realize that it can be a lot more merriment to blaze your own road, to draw outside the lines, rely your instincts, and give it a go, even if youre unsure of how things might turn out in the end.

More often than not, taking the risk has been worth it for me its never disastrous and theres ever a lesson to be learned from omission. It has allowed me to learn something about the nations of the world and the method it operates, instead of only following the directions based on someone else mean to tell me what to do.

2. There’s a lot to be said for being inventive in not playing it safe.

I cherish a good banquet that becomes an adventure, where I know the cook or cook has really stepped out of his or her convenience zone in order to create an experience for the diner. Its admirable, but it also takes practise and fearlessnes to try proficiencies we might not have mastered yet, or to choose to work with flavors with which we might not be entirely familiar.< strong> It takes gallantry because in this process we are, without a doubt, going to see neglect along the way .

It might take a few are an attempt to lord breaking down a fish if you have never done so, or rendering that submersion circulator a try to sous-vide some steaks. It might take overcooking a few snacks before going things down pat, but through all of this, you open yourself up to the opportunity to learn something new. Its is not merely a brand-new way to prepare something or even a new dish you now have knowledge and experience to share with other parties, yielding them the opportunity to learn and germinate. The more “youre trying to”, the more you screw up. But in the end, the more you learn, and along with that are some damn good floors to tell.

3. It’s not how it searches on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Have “youve been” salivated over a snack like one of Pavlovs dogs as the waiter approached the table? It all looks so beautiful; nonetheless, upon trying it, it strikes you as bland, uninspired, and missing something? What a displeasure. How often do we see that in real life? We learn these principles in kindergarten and are repeatedly reminded of it over and over again throughout the course of “peoples lives” we need it because so often we forget.

4. Don’t skimp on the good stuff.

Have “youve been” read over a dessert recipe and anticipate: “I dont have butter, but Im sure I can replace it with margarine. I dont have heavy cream, but I have some milk. The chicken salad recipe calls for mayo Im sure I can replace a fat-free form, right? “

It rarely is about to change fine. Simply set, angles are there to keep you on track , not to be disdained it might put you onward in the short term, but in the long run, it never seems to work out.

5. Balance is paramount.

Every single food that comes out of my kitchen has to have some balance of flavor. Not ever, but for the essential points, “theres gotta be” differentiating flavor profiles: sweets, spices, acids, salts, and umami. All of these components can be sumptuou on their own, carrying their own virtue, but when you look at these fundamentally differing flavors and compound them in proper proportions, they become complementary youve just gotta find the right formula for you.

Complementary means that a indication of salt in a chocolate chipping cookie can be the perfect savory ingredient to an otherwise only sweetened plow. Or the meaty deliciousness of a good BBQ rib on a red-hot summertime day can often be found encrusted with a combination of spices. But they are then offset when slathered with a dessert, smoky barbecue sauce.

There are just enough differing components to make it arousing. And I think thats just how life itself runs . Too much of anything can be precisely that: too much. Its about finding the balance and cadence for the various bays of your life.

6. Low and slow.

If youre a vegetarian or vegan, reprieve my analogy, but in the nations of the world of cooking meat specifically in inhaling BBQ magical is found in honoring the process and era it takes to develop the flavors, break down the intramuscular tissues, and allow for the smoke to oozed its direction into the anatomy. The committee is ways to try to hacker the system; nonetheless, it precisely doesnt turn out quite the same.

Things take time, so lets appreciate the process we take in got to get ties-in take time, and house sustainable organizations takes time. You can try to find a direction that gets you there faster, but along the way, you are bound to skip over some key gradations. Its only not the same. Life takes time.

7. It’s not the final food, but instead what we learn in getting there.

In cooking, as in life, we race through things because we’re was seeking to get to a certain place. But along the way, we forget to look around and notice the things that happen between the beginning and the end what weve learned about the food, how we could have adjusted things along the way. We miss those opportunities for growth.

There is so much prized information to learn from that we often merely bounce right over , not realizing its right underneath our snouts. We follow a recipe because thats what a cookbook tells us to do. But is it not much more interesting to learn things along the way, discover what works and what doesnt, and pass what weve learned on to those who might benefit from it?

In cooking, as in life, well get to the end, but how did we get there? Did we follow instructions each step of the channel, or did we use the recipe to navigate us, allowing us to season it in a way that represents who we are? How we get there says a great deal about the hasten weve ranged .

8. Sometimes your dish doesn’t turn out right.

Things happen in the kitchen. Ive ruined my fair share of dinners and descended short of impressing guests, times, and, frequently, even myself. Thats one of the purposes of life. Things dont ever go as scheduled and we certainly dont ever get what we want. But if you never had an inedible piece of fish, then you would never rightfully know what it meant to have one that was absolutely delicious. If youd never tried an overcooked and dried-out steak, then youll never revalue when your favorite eatery cooks your New York strip a perfect medium-rare just how you like it.

The less-than-desirable snacks allow us to appreciate the ones we most experience, and the same phenomenon is happening at life. Its not always sunny outside, but if it were, it would get quite damn boring. If we knew that we were able to never lose our loved ones, we wouldnt appreciate them nearly as much.

When life could have given us a bit more, we have the perfect opportunity to reflect back on the things for which we have to be grateful .

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Vintage ‘donut salad’ recipe has Twitter very confused

Political scientist Paul Fairie took to Twitter to share an age-old recipe he discovered, and it has left many confused.

The post– which Fairie captioned “if this can be a salad, you can be anything”- is a picture of a recipe for “Prune and Cream Cheese Donut Salad, ” and it has left a lot of Twitter consumers scratching their tops about what a “donut salad” is and if contributing loot automatically transforms something into a salad.

Salad For People Who Hate Salad

Salad is so boring … or so you thought.

Stereotypically, salad is dreamt as a container of sad commons, stolid veggies and watery attire — but that doesn’t have to be the case. In point, the committee is consignment of yummy salad recipes that will proselytize even “the worlds largest” staunch salad haters.

We went through some of our favorite meat blogs and encountered eight luscious recipes that are so good, salad may become your brand-new favorite nutrient. Whether you supersede your spinach with beets, or iceberg lettuce with lentils, there are countless ways to clear salad the best part of any dinner. Oh and pro tip, cheese makes anything and everything flavor better.

Summer Couscous Salad

Not Enough Cinnamon

Get theSummer Couscous Saladrecipe on Not Enough Cinnamon.

Summer Couscous Salad

Not Enough Cinnamon

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Curried Acorn Squash with Lemon-Arugula Salad

Naturally Ella

Get the Curried Acorn Squash with Lemon-Arugula Salad recipeon Naturally Ella.

Curried Acorn Squash with Lemon-Arugula Salad

Naturally Ella

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Orange Radicchio Salad

The Healthy Maven

Get the Orange Radicchio Salad recipeon The Healthy Maven.

Orange Radicchio Salad

The Healthy Maven

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Pesto Corn Salad

The Lean Green Bean

Get the Pesto Corn Salad recipe on The Lean Green Bean.

Pesto Corn Salad

The Lean Green Bean

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Raw Spiralized Beet& Mandarin Salad with Mint

Skinny Taste

Get the Raw Spiralized Beet& Mandarin Salad with Mint recipeon Skinny Taste.

Raw Spiralized Beet& Mandarin Salad with Mint

Skinny Taste

Get the Raw Spiralized Beet& Mandarin Salad with Mint recipeon Skinny Taste.

Easy Shrimp And Avocado Taco Salad

Lemons and Basil

Get the Easy Shrimp And Avocado Taco Salad recipeon Lemons and Basil.

Easy Shrimp And Avocado Taco Salad

Lemons and Basil

Get the Easy Shrimp And Avocado Taco Salad recipeon Lemons and Basil.

Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Vinaigrette

My Whole Food Life

Get the Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Vinaigrette recipeon My Whole Food Life.

Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Vinaigrette

My Whole Food Life

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Mediterranean Artichoke Salad

The Healthy Foodie

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These 3 Sports Are Best For Staving Off Heart Disease And Death

LONDON( Reuters) – Swimming, racquet plays and aerobics are associated with the best peculiars of staving off fatality, and including with regard to of reducing the risk of dying from coronary thrombosis or stroke, scientists said on Tuesday.

In a study of various types of exercise and the health risks degrees, the researchers found that participation in specific athletics proved significant benefits for public health, and exhorted the physicians and policymakers to encourage people to take them up.

While the research, published in the British Journal and Sports Medicine, pictured no additional advantage for people who kindnes extending and football or rugby, independent experts said this was purely due to the design of the study.

“This study must not be misinterpreted as showing that control and football do not shall be protected by heart disease, ” said Tim Chico, a consultant cardiologist at prof at Britain’s Sheffield University who was asked to comment on the findings.

The study analysed data from 11 annual health investigations for England and Scotland carried out between 1994 and 2008, comprising 80,306 adults with an average age of 52.

Participants were asked about what type and how much usage they had done in the predating four weeks, and whether it had been enough to stir them breathless and sweaty.

Exercise included heavy domestic errands and horticulture; gait; cycling; swimming; aerobics, gymnastics or hop; moving; football or rugby; and badminton, tennis or squash.

The survival of each participant was tracked for an average of nine years, during which time 8,790 of them died from all causes and 1,909 from congestive heart failure or stroke.

Overall, compared with respondents who had not done a imparted boast, jeopardy of fatality during the course of its related to the follow-up season from any lawsuit was 47 percentage lower among those who played racquet sports, 28 percent lower among swimmers, 27 percentage lower among jig aerobics fans and 15 percent lower among cyclists.

In death from heart disease and apoplexy, the results of the study find racquet sports players had a 56 percentage lower jeopardy, with 41 percent for swimming and 36 percent for aerobics, compared with those who did not participate in these sports.

Chico said the study did find that both runners and footballers had a lower rate of death from heart disease. “Although this was not’ statistically significant’, many other studies have found that runners live longer and suffer less coronary thrombosis, ” he said.

“I will continue to tell my patients that regular physical work( including moving) is more effective in reducing their risk of myocardial infarction than any dope I can prescribe.”

( Editing by Jeremy Gaunt)

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Delude Yourself Into Thinking You’re Healthy: Spinach Salad With Bacon Dressing

Do you love salad? Does anyone, certainly? You may implore it after a bender fitted with pizza, tacos, beer, vodka, and sugar, but does it REALLY fulfill? No.

That is, of course, if its plateau and fucking boring. How do you make a salad less boring? You contribute shit like bacon, eggs, and nuts.

If youve never had a legit spinach salad, this is your chance. This isnt the cutesy bistro form with cranberries and goat cheesethis is the hardcore form with warm bacon gown and scarcely shrivelled spinach soaking up the awesomeness. Weve adapted this recipe from Alton Brown, weird-but-cool chef on Food Network.


8 oz. babe spinach

2 hard-boiled eggs

8 slices of thick-cut bacon, chopped

3 tbsps red wine vinegar

1 tsp brown carbohydrate

tsp Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper

4 large button mushrooms, chopped

3 oz. crimson onion, thinly sliced

2 tbsps walnuts, chopped

9 Things You Can Do Right Now To Reduce Your Risk Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure kills — and it kills quietly.

There aren’t any obvious mansions( other than a cuff see) that a person’s blood pressure is dangerously high, which is why numerous summon hypertension the “silent killer.”

It can be tough to see outward clues of pressing has been set up in a person’s blood vessels until it’s too late and the extra stress on veins leads to a heart attack, a apoplexy, or heart failure.

In 2013, the problem paid in respect of more than 1, 000 death toll of the US every day, in accordance with the Cores for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recently, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology lowered the bar for what they consider high blood pressure to a cuff reading above 130/80, down from 140/90.

The new guidelines mean nearly half of adults in the US — 46% — should lower their blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association.

Here are some gratuities on how to do it.

Blood pres is measured in two counts. They evaluate how hard-handed your blood is pushing against the walls of your veins as it circulates. More much pres isn’t good for the body .

The top number is your systolic pressing, or the amount of pressing in your blood vessels when your soul trounces. It ideally should remain below 120.

The bottom number is your diastolic pres, or the amount of pres in your blood vessels when your center remains between pulsates. It should stay below 80.

If you want to lower your blood pressure, expend some time with family and working friends — or yourself .

Stress contributes to blood pressure, so enjoying meter loosening with household or acquaintances is a great way to lower your risk of centre problems.

The Mayo Clinic even intimates taking 15 to 20 minutes per day to simply “sit calmly and breathe deeply.”

Being appreciative is also great for your heart.

A 2015 study was indicated that patients with heart failure who invested more age revaluing living and giving thanks were healthier.

“It seems that a more grateful center is indeed a more healthy middle, ” said Paul Mills, one of the study’s writers. “Gratitude journaling is an easy way to support cardiac health.”

Jump around .

A bit of progress can also be used boost middle health.

When you’re more physically active, the heart doesn’t are now working as hard to shoot blood around the body.

And you don’t have to be a pro athlete to derive all-star obtained from rehearsal. A recent study find that people who start high-intensity aerobic workout in middle age can change some of the dangerous and deadly the consequences of a life exhaust sitting in a chair or on a couch.

Researchers already knew that a lifetime of practising four or five days a week helps keep a heart healthy. But the new findings be stated that even a person who shunned exert for decades can change their roads later in life and become part of the heart-healthy crew.

Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock

Being thankful is also great for your nature .

A 2015 study found that cases with heart failure who expended more period revaluing living and giving thanks were healthier.

“It seems that a more grateful soul is indeed a more healthy soul, ” said Paul Mills, one of the study’s authors. “Gratitude journaling is an easy way to support cardiac health.”

Drink less .

If you’re going to happy hour, moderation is key.

According to the Mayo Clinic, having more than three helpings of alcohol in one sitting can temporarily create your blood pressure, and repeated binging can lead to more long-term blood pressure problems.

A recent technical analysis of roughly 600,000 boozers in 19 high-income countries published in the Lancet in April found that even moderate, daily drinking may hurt your health. People who reported drinking six or more alcoholic beverages a week were more likely to die early from all generates, including cardiovascular diseases.

Some studies suggest that a little bit of moderate boozing — especially wine — can help lower blood pressure and are also welcome to shorten a person’s jeopardy of developing diabetes, but researchers are still debating the science behind that.

Start reducing the size of your waistline .

By shedding pounds around your middle, you’re increasing blood flood to the intelligence and shortening strain on your blood vessels — a nice perk for both your torso and your mind.

One of the most wonderful the resources necessary to watch your load and increase midsection paunch is to eat more occupy, flavorful, and fiber-filled meat, like whole particles and protein, while cutting sugar.

Slash salt from your diet .

When the level of sodium in your bloodstream increases, it becomes harder for your kidneys to redden impurities from your blood, promoting blood pressure. Even devouring only somewhat less salt can make a difference.

And lend more fruits and veggies to your layer instead .

Foods that are low in sodium and high in potassium are great an opportunity for nature health.

Potassium is a natural remedy to sodium’s harmful effects on your blood pressure, so eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, like bananas or avocados, can play-act a double-duty favor for your heart.

Stress less .

Easier said than done, to be sure.

But stress can( literally) do a number on your blood pressure.

The good information is that many of the other things on such lists — including work, ingesting right, taking time to breathe and is slowing, and getting enough sleep — are good ways to deal with stress.


And lastly, if you smoke, it’s a good theory to quit .

The nicotine a smoker breath triggers an immediate spike in blood pressure — and though it’s temporary and doesn’t was in keeping with higher blood pressure levels throughout the day, it can lead to longer-lasting questions in the blood vessels.

The compounds in tobacco can cause the arteries to restrict and detriment the lining of their walls, inspiring a spike in blood pressure. The American Lung Association says people who quit smoking can start to reduce their risk of a heart attack in as little as two weeks.

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Nigel Slaters oyster sauce chicken with citrus mint salad recipe

On a chilly darknes nothing heateds you up like blisteringly red-hot Chinese-style chicken, served with a cooling area of herby salad, says Nigel Slater

There was a bit of a commotion of aniseed, soy and ginger-scented prepare in the kitchen last week, as there often is when I have had one of my irregular trips to Chinatown. These are the journeys where I return home with armfuls of bottles and cups, mainly red.

I only requirement, nearly implored, the smell of oyster sauce to warm up a kitchen turned ice-cold by a dodgy thermostat. Leafy parks, bok choy and mustard dark-greens are regularly steamed and convulsed with dense, glossy oyster sauce at home, but flesh and fish rather less so.

I convulsed fatten, free-range chicken thighs with crushed garlic, sugar, chilli and oyster sauce and broiled them on a freezing night when exclusively something blisteringly, eye-wateringly hot would hit the spot. It wasnt something that they were able bask under the label of authenticity it was just what I needed at that moment. The chicken developed glossy, softly crisp and very hot. It sizzled as we feed, drawing our lips tingle. We set the volley out with a sour citrus salad.

There was a big pudding, more, the sort of broiled butterscotch sponge liaison, with ointment, butter and sugar, that only ever comes out in the very depths of winter. Emergency cooking for the cold and hungry.

Oyster sauce chicken with citrus plenty salad

Check the chicken regularly, embracing it with foil if it is browning too much.

Serves 3
chicken thighs 6

For the marinade:
garlic 3 big cloves
onion 1, medium sized
oyster sauce 100 ml
ignited soy sauce 4 tbsp
honey 3 tbsp
chilli sauce 3 tbsp

For the salad:
fish sauce 2 tsp
caster carbohydrate 1 tbsp
lime juice 2 tbsp
pile leaves 10
coriander leaves a large handful
chilli 1, medium-sized
pink grapefruit 1
cashews 2 handful, cooked and salted

To construct the marinade peel the garlic then subdues the cloves to a glue expending a pestle and mortar and a pinch of salt. Employ the paste into a large mingling container. Peel the onion, cut it in half and chopper it very finely. Blend with the garlic.

Put the oyster and soy sauces, the honey and the chilli sauce into the mixing container and conjure thoroughly. Push the chicken pieces into the marinade, turn them over and leave in a cool lieu for an hour or two.

Set the oven at 180 C/ gas mark 4. Place the chicken pieces into a nonstick bake tin, spoon over half the marinade and lieu in the preheated oven. Roast for 45 hours, basting once or twice with the remaining marinade, and regularly checking their progress. Extend the ribbing tin with foil if necessary.

To represent the salad, combine the fish sauce, caster carbohydrate and lime juice in a small bowl. Roughly chop or snap the spate leaves and add to the container, together with the coriander leaves. Finely chop the chilli and add to the dressing.

Slice the ends from the grapefruit, plaza it flat on the chopping board then slice away the peel and white-hot pith a sharp-witted kitchen spear. Remove the segments of chassis from the scalp. Apply the grapefruit into the set and leave for 10 instants before adding the cashew nuts and serving.

Cranberry pudding with butterscotch sauce

Fruits of labour: cranberry pudding with butterscotch sauce. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin for the Observer

Once out of the oven, leave the pudding for a few minutes to settle. And, despite the butterscotch sauce, Id be tempted to furnish cream, too.

You will also need a deep baking dish or pudding bowl setting approximately 18 cm x 15 cm.

Serves 4-6
dried apricots 180 g
cranberries 50 g, fresh or frozen
simmering ocean 200 ml
butter 100 g
illuminated muscovado sugar 100 g
egg 1
plain flour 150 g
cooking pulverization 1.5 tsp

For the sauce:
ignited muscovado sugar 100 g
doubled ointment 125 ml
butter 70 g
maple syrup 1 tbsp
cranberries 100 g, fresh or frozen

Cut the apricots into small fragments and throw them in a heatproof mixing bowl. Contribute the 50 g of cranberries and swarm the simmering ocean over. Set aside while you reach the pudding.

Butter the pudding container with a small knob of butter. Sieve together the flour and roasting pulverization. Employ the other members of the butter into the container of a food mixer fitted with a flat beater. Add the sugar and lash for 4-5 minutes till soft, pale and milky, rarely scraping down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula.

Make the sauce by putting the sugar, ointment, butter and maple syrup in a saucepan and introducing to the boil. Give it stew for 2 minutes, roughly chop the 100 g of cranberries( if utilizing frozen fruit, this is easier in a food processor) then add to the sauce.

Break the egg into a bowl, drum thinly, just enough to mix grey and yolk, then add, with the beater still turning, to the butter and sugar.

When the egg is fully incorporated, stir in the flour and broiling pulverization smorgasbord, turning gradually until there is no way visible detect of flour left. Fold in the apricots and cranberries, and the irrigate they are in. Move the mixture to the buttered container, smooth the surface thinly then bake for 30 hours until pale golden and softly firm. Remove from the oven, pour over half of the cranberry butterscotch sauce and return to the oven for a further 10 instants. Serve red-hot along with the remaining sauce.

Email Nigel at nigel.slater @observer. co.uk or follow him on Twitter @NigelSlater

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These 19 Bizarre Foods Are Totally From the Future

The future of food is super exciting…and too a little creepy.

There’s no learned exactly where our culinary feels will take us, but between Instagram food cults and lab-grown ventures and cheese that we are defrosting over everything, I’d say the future of meat looks pretty cool.


Frog salad? BJs in California served up dead amphibian in its restaurant, woman claims

A woman from San Dimas, Calif ., tells Fox News she was beyond grossed out after observing a dead frog in a salad she told from BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse.

Cepeda and her family were dining at the BJs in West Covina when she claims she find something off about her salad but merely after she took various pierces and savoured something a bit sour, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

I see something various kinds of rolled up, Covina told the Tribune. I passed it to my husband. I asked, Is that a piece of loot?


To Cepedas horror, her husband and daughter canvassed the salad and broke the bulletin that , no, it wasnt lettuce.

Its a frickin frog, Cepedas partner responded.

In her precede one-star Yelp revaluation, Cepeda, 40, says she apprise the manager about the unwanted fixin, but this is the only way present to comp her meal.

I told him this frog could contain salmonella and who knows how long it’s been sitting in a render luggage, she wrote.

He still manufactured us pay for our sips which dwell[ ed] of three beers total! she added.

Cepeda further tells Fox News that the staff appeared to do nothing to prevent fellow diners from similar contamination.

The restaurant did nothing about apprise any other customers there that night[ who were] dining salad, says Cepeda. At that item, all the salad is polluted and people needed to know they had a potential to get sick.


Indeed, Cepeda told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that shes felt queasy since the incident. She went to a doctor who told her she wasnt suffering from salmonella poisoning healthy amphibians can carry salmonella, according to the CDC but he prescribed antibiotics to plow a possible bacterial illnes she may have contracted.

BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse has since reached out to her, but Cepeda claims their response was a little lacking.

I received a phone call from the corporate office with an confession followed by a $50 endowment card, Cepeda tells Fox News. First of all, I’m never ingesting there again, and second, they fantasized by mailing $50, that was going to say sorry for the dead frog that was missing its guts.”

I would then be fine with the I’m sorry, and thats it.

In the following statement obtained by Fox News, such other representatives for BJ’s Restaurant claims the company is looking into the situation.

“Guest satisfaction and tone power are our highest priorities, ” speaks the statement. “We take situations like this very seriously and have launched an internal investigation including the consultations with our both suppliers and distributors is working to ensure that nothing like this happens in the future.”

The case has also been referred to the California Department of Public Health, an researcher for the Los Angeles Department of Public Health confirmed to the San Gabriel Valley Times.

Read more: http :// www.foxnews.com/ food-drink/ 2017/06/ 23/ frog-salad-woman-finds-dead-amphibian-in-bjs-restaurant-meal-shares-photos.html

Exercise levels decline ‘long before adolescence’ – BBC News

  • From the age of seven onwards, the amount of exercise done by boys and girls may be declining in the UK
  • Sitting is replacing physical activity from the time they start school, research suggests
  • This goes against the accepted view that exercise tails off in adolescence – and more quickly in girls than boys
  • Children aged five to 18 are recommended to do at least one hour of exercise every day

Adolescence is thought to be the time when children go off exercise – but a study in The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests it happens much earlier, around the age of seven.

Researchers from Glasgow and Newcastle tracked the physical activity levels of 400 children over eight years using small monitors worn for a week at a time.

The amount of exercise the children did was measured at age seven and then again at age nine, 12 and 15.

On average, boys spent 75 minutes a day exercising when they were seven, falling to 51 minutes when they were 15.

Image copyright Getty Images

The average girl spent 63 minutes per day doing moderate to strenuous physical activity when seven years old, which fell to 41 minutes age 15.

Most boys and girls in the study did moderate levels of exercise at seven, which then gradually tailed off.

But one in five of the boys bucked the trend and managed to maintain their exercise levels over the eight years.

They were the ones who started off with the highest levels of activity at the age of seven, the researchers said.

Sitting too much

Although the study cannot prove what causes the drop-off in physical activity, Prof John Reilly, study author from the University of Strathclyde, said “something is going wrong in British children” long before adolescence.

He said it coincided with the peak rate of obesity cases in children and the greatest increases in weight gain – which happen around the age of seven.

Different research on the same group of children found that the time lost to exercise was spent sitting instead.

Children aged seven spent half their day sitting, and by the age of 15 this had gone up to three-quarters of their day spent sitting.

“Activity tails off from around the time of going to school, when there’s a change in lifestyle,” Prof Reilly said.

“Schools should be more active environments. There should be more activity breaks to break up long periods of sitting.”

Image copyright Getty Images

But he emphasised that activities outside school also had an important role to play because children only spent half of their year at school in total.

The children who took part in the study lived in Gateshead in north-east England and were tracked between 2006 and 2015.

Eustace de Sousa, national lead for children, young people and families at Public Health England, said: “It’s a major concern that one in five children leaves primary school obese.

“Most children don’t do enough physical activity, which has consequences for their health now and in the future,” he said.

“It’s up to all of us to ensure children get their recommended one hour of physical activity a day.”

Mr De Sousa said this principle was at the core of the government’s childhood obesity plan, which provided extra funding for schools to get children moving and support for families to keep children active outside of school.

NHS Choices says children and young people should cut back on the time they spend watching TV, playing computer games and travelling by car.

How much exercise should children be doing?

  • at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day – this should range from moderate activity, such as cycling and playground activities, to vigorous activity, such as running and tennis
  • on three days a week, these activities should involve exercises for strong muscles, such as gymnastics, and exercises for strong bones, such as jumping and running

Source: NHS Choices

Five tips for getting your child to be more active

  • walk or cycle to school as often as you can
  • find time every weekend to do something active with your children
  • take the dog for a walk – if you haven’t got one, borrow one
  • support your child in any sport, club or activity that interests them
  • take part in a fun run or a charity challenge together

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