Please Do Not Attempt The Breatharian Diet, You Need Food To Live

An Instagram “influencer” has been slammed by doctors after promoting “breatharianism” to her 13,000 followers.

Breatharianism, in the traditional sense, is a belief that it’s possible for humans to survive without gobbling meat. Breatharians claim that nutrient, and sometimes even water, is not necessary for humans to live, and instead people can keep themselves alive with breathing and sunlight.

It’s a safe bet to say that the only people who have tried it for a sustained period of time are either lying or dead. There have been a number of cases where people have died in an attempt to follow the nutrition, including one Scottish woman who wrote in her diary during her last few days that she conceived refusing to eat or booze would “spiritually cleanse” her body and “recharge her both physically and mentally”. Of route, even if it did actually wreak, perhaps Scotland isn’t the best place to try an all-sunlight diet.

The diet cultivates up every now and then with brand-new proponents. Famously, one such practitioner, Hira Ratan Manek, was filmed for a documentary designation Eat the Sun merely to be caught on camera eating a big meal in a San Francisco restaurant before attempting to look nonchalant.

Instagrammer Audra Bear joined the register of proponents, saying she started the diet eight months ago.

So how does she live? She extremely dines food.

“You can eat if you choose to, for presentation or social defines, know your energy is sourced from the life-force all around you, ” she told UniLad. “Most dates I merely drink teas, fruit juices, green juices and fresh coconut oceans. I do eat sometimes now, but more for celebratory reasons.”

In order to survive and be in reasonable health, we’d hazard a guess she is celebrating quite a lot. Maybe she celebrates the dinners of breakfast, lunch, and tea, even if she doesn’t go all out and celebrate brunch and/ or elevenses.

Bear, from Minneapolis, says she gets most of her vigor from doing breathing workouts and being out in quality, Indy1 00 reports, and claims she fasts for up to 97 epoches at a time.

Even though she is getting energy in liquid kind, and supplementary celebratory solid food, experts ought to have quick-witted to say the nutrition is not good for health at all.

“This is a dangerous practice and perhaps stems from a fundamental paucity of understanding of how the body cultivates, ” Joy Stephenson-Laws, the founding fathers of Proactive Health Labs( pH) and generator, told Fox News.

“There are six basic nutrients we need to live healthily. We need liquid, protein, flabs, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. We get these nutrients from the meat we dine or boozing and we need them in the right balance. Depriving our bodies of these six types of crucial nutrients will effect us to be physically and mentally imbalanced and eventually die.”

If you were to follow breatharianism in the strictest sense, demise would be quicker.

“It depends on the climate, and how much workout you’re taking, but if you’re lying in bed you would probably be just about all right for a few weeks, ” Dr Charles Clarke told The Guardian in 1999 following a slew of deaths.

“But towards the end of the first week, you’d become quite gravely ill. Your blood would become thicker, your kidneys can’t cope; multiple organ collapse follows, you get hypothermic and eventually you die.”

Basically, please devour food.

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Everyone Hates Your Potato Salad, So Let’s Find A New One

No backyard barbecue is complete without potato salad — this classic dish has a permanent place on our summertime menu. When waldorf salad is built right, it’s something moderately special. Its place alongside grilled chicken or burgers balances out the charred flavors of the grill with potato salad’s creamy attributes.

The only problem with potato salad is that it’s pretty easy to completely screw it up. If you’re a little heavy-handed with the mayonnaise( or for some people, if you use it at all) or if you don’t use the right kind of potatoes, you can end up with a big bowl of something no one wants to eat. Don’t let that happen to you. Stick with the recipes below. They won’t let you down.

1 Lemony Roasted Potato Salad

Bev Cooks

Get the Lemony Roasted Potato Salad recipe by Bev Cooks

1 Lemony Roasted Potato Salad

Bev Cooks

2 Grilled Potato Salad with Black Garlic Vinaigrette

Feasting At Home

Get the Grilled Potato Salad with Black Garlic Vinaigrette recipe from Feasting At Home

2 Grilled Potato Salad with Black Garlic Vinaigrette

Feasting At Home

3 Simple Vegan Potato Salad

Minimalist Baker

Get the Simple Vegan Potato Salad recipe from Minimalist Baker

3 Simple Vegan Potato Salad

Minimalist Baker

4 Grilled Potato Salad with Almond-Basil Chimichurri and 7-Minute Eggs

Half Baked Harvest

Get the Grilled Potato Salad with Almond-Basil Chimichurri and 7-Minute Eggs recipe from Half Baked Harvest

4 Grilled Potato Salad with Almond-Basil Chimichurri and 7-Minute Eggs

Half Baked Harvest

5 Warm Potato Salad with Mustard Seed Dressing

Feasting At Home

Get the Warm Potato Salad with Mustard Seed Dressing recipe from Feasting At Home

5 Warm Potato Salad with Mustard Seed Dressing

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6 Stetson Potato Salad

Foodie Crush

Get the Stetson Potato Salad recipe from Foodie Crush

6 Stetson Potato Salad

Foodie Crush

7 Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Foodie Crush

Get the Loaded Baked Potato Salad recipe from Foodie Crush

7 Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Foodie Crush

8 Tangy Red Potato Bacon Salad

This Gal Cooks

Get the Tangy Red Potato Bacon Salad recipe from This Gal Cooks

8 Tangy Red Potato Bacon Salad

This Gal Cooks

9 Roasted Potato Salad With Bacon Dressing

Foodie Crush

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9 Roasted Potato Salad With Bacon Dressing

Foodie Crush

10 Warm Bacon Potato Salad

Steamy Kitchen

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10 Warm Bacon Potato Salad

Steamy Kitchen

11 Roasted Potato Salad

How Sweet It Is

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11 Roasted Potato Salad

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12 Provencal Potato Salad

Simply Recipes

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12 Provencal Potato Salad

Simply Recipes

13 Avocado Potato Salad

Mercury Is Back On Its BS: Weekend Horoscopes For November 16-18 Betches

The good word is that this is the last time Mercury will retrograde this year. The bad news is that this could really mess up your Thanksgiving travel plans. It’s too early to know if you’ll miss your flight, reaching you late to your awkwardly early dinner with parties you’re forced to make small talk with once a year. But we do know that this weekend, you can expect more SNAFUs when it comes to travel, communication, and technology. So when you aren’t getting your regular number of matches on Hinge this week, let’s just blamed Mercury. Here are your weekend horoscopes for November 16 -1 8:


Venus has concluded her retrograde just in time for Mercury to enter his. Like, literally, WTF? At least they’re not happening at the same time. Venus in retrograde throw a wrench into your love and personal life. This weekend, your goal should be to make amends with anyone close to you that you’re on the outs with. Earnestly. You’ll need all the friends, advantages, and allies you can get as Mercury retrograde ramps up.


As Mercury starts inventing downward this weekend, you can find yourself in a tailspin extremely. Mercury is a planet of communication, so you’ll probably watch more photographs of your ex and his new girlfriend throughout your feed. It’s best for your mental health if you unlike, unfollow, or simply wholly block that sh* t. If you want to be the bigger person who is above the petty unfollow, use the mute feature on Instagram. Cause earnestly, what else was it obligated for?


Here’s the deal, Venus retrograde constructed your love life kind of awkward. It’s time to refocus on the romance, even if that’s just about going down with yourself. You’ll have less mental blocks, so you can relax and precisely enjoy. Bow Chicka Wah Wah. Anyway, this weekend, if you’re in a relationship, scheme a year for you and your significant other. Pour some wine, put one over your sexiest playlist, and start connecting again. Mercury retrograde is going to affected you hard-boiled soon enough, so you might as well go into it with a blow. Pun intended.


Mercury enrolls retrograde in Sagittarius and bides there until December 6. This is not what you want to hear around the holidays, but the best way to survive this retrograde is to maintain healthy numbers. Sure, you can eat whatever the f* ck you require on Thanksgiving, but it’s best you win back on your gym and healthy eating grind ASAP. Staying health and on track will hopefully stave off the possibility that you’ll get a cold or the flu, which will really knock you on your ass this time around.


Okay, so we know Mercury in retrograde will have an effect on your travel plans, communication, and technology–hello dropping your phone in the bathtub! But unfortunately, this time it will too throw a backspin in your fifth room of drama, persona, and fantasy. Let’s just say, it’s about to go down in your Instagram comments or Twitter replies. You might as well start thinking of some fire clapbacks now, because you can count on some B.S. happening between now and December 6.


Even though Mercury is entering its retrograde, it’s fine to splurge on yourself a little bit this weekend. Venus just finished its retrograde, obligating the reports and love difficult. You deserve to reward yourself with a little purchase, spa therapy, or something else up that alley. That is unless you are going to make yourself feel guilty AF for expend the money on yourself when you should be saving for vacation presents or some sh* t. IDK, exactly do what feels right, specially if that’s acquiring something cashmere and unnecessary.


As a feelings sign, Venus retrograde had a strong upshot on your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. Basically, if anyone said anything to you, it probably established you feel bad about yourself. Now that things are clearing up, it’s time to be a little bit kinder to yourself so you can get back on track. Too, your co-workers won’t have to live in fear that sending you an email asking you to draw edits to development projects will build you spiraling into a fit of rends. Yikes. Everyone can rest a little more easily around you this weekend since your feelings won’t get so bruised.


Your love life has basically been on hold since Venus was in retrograde. So for, like, ever. Now that it’s back in a ordinary spin, you can start thinking about picking things back up. Whether you’re firing up a date app, texting your back-burner bro, or only wearing less and goin’ out more, take things slow. Slow and steady acquires the race, specially if you’re looking for someone who will last until the end of cuffing season and then some.


Woah, betch. With Mercury in retrograde this time around, it’s a requirement that you stay on your best behavior. Even the whitest of lies could come back to haunt your ass. It’s probably good if you only avoid anyone or anything you would have to lie to or about. I signify, that’s probably going to be hard since you’re already coming up with a lie to tell your aunt at Thanksgiving about what you’re doing with your life.


Resolve to be clear with your communication from now until Mercury is out of retrograde on December 6. This means that even though it’s tempting to beat around the bush and be flirtatious with your texting convos, just say no. There’s too much area for miscommunication right now. Next thing you know, your bestie won’t be talking to you because she thinks you called her fat, your humble thinks you’ve moved closer, and your momma is writing you out of the will. Maybe just avoid texting as much as possible. Yes, you might have to pick up the phone and talk this weekend. EW.



You’ve been doing some soul-searching when it comes to your most important goals in life. Venus retrograde probably had a hand in that. Now that Venus has straightened her sh* t out, you can refocus on what you want to accomplish during the next year. Don’t make the fact that Mercury is in retrograde freak you out. You don’t need to–and probably shouldn’t–act on anything you come up with over the weekend. Merely think about it a little, preferably between drinks.


Great news for you when it comes to networking this weekend! If you get a chance to rub shoulders with people who actually substance, you’ll be blessed with decent communication skills and salesmanship abilities thanks to the fact that Venus is out of retrograde. Make your purposes clear, though. Mercury retrograde go this weekend and continuing until December 6 have had an opportunity to others misreading whatever it is you crave. Handshakes instead of hugs should set the record straight in a deal-making environment. Or so you hope, right?

Images: Joshua Rawson-Harris/ Unsplash; Giphy( 6 )

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Bring One Of These Easy & Cheap Dishes To Friendsgiving Betches

Friendsgiving is the best parts of Thanksgiving without having to spend time with your funny extended relatives. Doing phony Thanksgiving aka Friendsgiving with simply friends means you can eat, drink, and have no one berate you about not being married yet. Unless your best friend are terrible, in which case, stop inviting them. The only part of Friendsgiving that suctions is that you and your best friend are responsible for paying for this elaborate meal < em> and you have to cook it all yourselves. So what can you bring to Friendsgiving that won’t cost you a fate, won’t take 7 hours to prepare, and is edible? We did some research on recipes that will make you appear domestic af.

Upgraded Comfort Side

Hopefully the friend who offered to host Friendsgiving will provide the turkey, leaving the rest of you to provide the best part of any Thanksgiving feast: the sides. If you’re short on time, you can totally do a speedy vegetable dish, but everyone knows the anchor of Thanksgiving is the comfort food. Since the host will be super busy, offer a staple surface food like cram, potatoes, or mac and cheese. None of these are expensive or time destroying to make and will be heavily appreciated by everyone. Instead of doing “the worlds largest” generic chest mingle you can find, upgrade it a little bit so you seem like this badass chef. Do a baked mac and cheese with dough shreds, or funeral potatoes( merely called that because in the South, they’re solace meat you bring to someone’s house after a death in the family. Don’t make it bizarre ).

Easy Dessert

If you’re really short on time, pick up a few pies from a bakery and call it quits. Or, if you know the host will be providing those, stimulate your favorite cookies or cinnamon rolls. You can never have enough dessert at these events. My favorite cookies in the world are butter cake cookies. They are always a crowd-pleaser. I almost killed my lactose-intolerant coworker because I unknowingly saw him a batch for crossing a few cases shiftings for me. He snacked them all in one sitting. He still claims it was worth it. I call them fat cookies because they are deplorable for you and I will eat all of them if I build them at home so I save them for special events exclusively. If you want to make a homemade pie, go ahead, but at least buy the crust because that sh* t is annoying to become from scratch.

Fall-Themed Cocktail

Much like dessert, “theres never” enough booze at an phenomenon with your best friend. Most people will be generated a bottle of wine, so if you don’t really feel like cooking, liquor up the masses by making a boozy red-hot cider or a fall themed sangria. You can even do apple cider mimosas, hot toddies, or pumpkin pie martinis. If you really want to be Pinterest-worthy, hollow out apples as your goblets and put in a little cinnamon stick as a garnish. They are so cute and clean up is just as easy as if you were apply solo cups.


If there is one thing I know about Thanksgiving, it’s that the food is never, ever ready on time. Uggghhh. There is little that can turn me from bubbly ex-sorority girl to Beelzebub in ends faster than expecting to eat and having it retarded. Cocktails are always an afterthought at radical contests, so if you want to do something quick, pick up cheese, crackers, and fig jam and make a cute little dish. You are also welcome to oblige dinner buns, cheesy pull-apart bread, goat cheese dip, pigs in a blanket, or a vegetable tray. Your emcee will be so grateful that hangry guests( me) aren’t breathing down her neck.

Images: constituent 5 digital/ Unsplash; giphy( 2 )

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9 Things You Can Do Right Now To Reduce Your Risk Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure kills — and it kills quietly.

There aren’t any obvious signalings( other than a cuff see) that a person’s blood pressure is dangerously high, which is why many call hypertension the “silent killer.”

It can be tough to see outward mansions of pressing building up in a person’s blood vessels until it’s too late and the additional stress on veins leads to a heart attack, a blow, or heart failure.

In 2013, the problem contributed to more than 1, 000 death toll of the US every day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recently, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology lowered the bar for what they consider high blood pressure to a cuff reading above 130/80, down from 140/90.

The new guidelines mean nearly half of adults in the US — 46% — should lower their blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association.

Here are some tips-off on how to do it.

Blood pressure is measured in two figures. They evaluate how hard your blood is pushing against the walls of your veins as it flows. Too much pressing isn’t good for the body .

The top figure is your systolic pressure, or the amount of pressure in your blood vessels when your center lashes. It ideally should be continued below 120.

The bottom number is your diastolic influence, or the amount of pressure in your blood vessels when your nature remainders between licks. It should stay below 80.

If you want to lower your blood pressure, expend some time with family and friends — or yourself .

Stress contributes to blood pressure, so enjoying hour loosening with pedigree or friends is a great way to lower the health risks of heart problems.

The Mayo Clinic even suggests taking 15 to 20 minutes a day to simply “sit softly and breathe deeply.”

Being appreciative is also great for your heart.

A 2015 study found that cases with heart failure who invest more period appreciating life and giving thanks were healthier.

“It appears that a more grateful nature is indeed a more healthy heart, ” said Paul Mills, one of the study’s columnists. “Gratitude journaling is an easy way to support cardiac health.”

Jump around .

A bit of push are also welcome to raise soul health.

When you’re more physically active, the heart doesn’t have to work as it is difficult to run blood around the body.

And you don’t have to be a pro athlete to derive all-star benefits from exercising. A recent study learnt that people who start high-intensity aerobic rehearsal in middle age can turn some of the dangerous and deadly effects of a life spent to participate in a chair or on a couch.

Researchers already knew that a lifetime of activity four or five days a week helps keep a nerve health. But the brand-new determines therefore seems that even a person who shunned exert for decades get changed their channels later in life and are part and parcel of the heart-healthy crew.

Jacob Lund/ Shutterstock

Being thankful is also great for your nature .

A 2015 study found that patients with coronary failure who invest more duration appreciating life and giving thanks were healthier.

“It appears that a more grateful center is indeed a more healthy heart, ” said Paul Mills, one of the study’s scribes. “Gratitude journaling is an easy way to support cardiac health.”

Drink less .

If you’re going to happy hour, temperance is key.

According to the Mayo Clinic, having more than three functions of booze in one convening can temporarily promote your blood pressure, and recurred binging can be achieved through more long-term blood pressure problems.

A recent technical analysis of roughly 600,000 drinkers in 19 high-income countries published in the Lancet in April found that even moderate, daily drinking may hurt your health. People who reported boozing six or more alcoholic beverages a week were more likely to die early from all justifications, including cardiovascular diseases.

Some studies suggest that a bit of moderate sucking — especially wine-coloured — can help lower blood pressure and may also reduce a person’s risk of developing diabetes, but researchers are still debating the science behind that.

Start reducing the size of your waistline .

By shedding pounds around your middle-of-the-road, you’re increasing blood pour to the brain and increasing strain on your blood vessels — a nice benefit for both your torso and your mind.

One of the easiest ways to watch your weight and shorten midsection paunch is to eat more filling, flavorful, and fiber-filled meat, like whole specks and protein, while cutting sugar.

Slash salt from your diet .

When the level of sodium in your bloodstream raises, it becomes harder for your kidneys to redden impurities from your blood, creating blood pressure. Even feeing merely a little less salt can make a difference.

And lent more fruits and veggies to your plate instead .

Foods that are low in sodium and high in potassium are great options for centre health.

Potassium is a natural antidote to sodium’s harmful effects on your blood pressure, so gobbling more fresh fruits and vegetables, like bananas or avocados, can act a double-duty advantage for your heart.

Stress less .

Easier said than done, to be sure.

But stress can( literally) do a number on your blood pressure.

The good bulletin is that many of the other things on such lists — including practice, chewing right, taking time to breathe and slow down, and getting enough sleep — are good ways to deal with stress.


And eventually, if you smoke, it’s a good project to cease .

The nicotine a smoker breath initiations an immediate spike in blood pressure — and though it’s temporary and doesn’t correspond with higher blood pressure levels throughout the day, it can lead to longer-lasting problems in the blood vessels.

The compounds in tobacco can cause the routes to narrow and detriment the lining of their walls, prompting a spike in blood pressure. The American Lung Association says people who quit smoking can start to reduce their risk of a heart attack in as little as two weeks.

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How much exercise your kid needs, based on the latest research

( CNN) It’s a few questions with an answer that researchers are still trying to better understand: How much rehearsal do kids need on a daily basis?

In the United Commonwealth, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children and adolescents should get at least an hour of physical pleasure every day. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service recommends the same.

There are questions too about the types of physical pleasure children and teenages should do, how to get young people evoked about utilization and what research endeavors are underway to better understand fitness on a molecular level.

Active kids are healthier teenagers

Eating health and get adjust, as a family

Exercise as medicine

WorldPride: New York’s best LGBTQ art, heritage and party venues

As New York gets ready to celebrate WorldPride on 26 June and 50 years since the Stonewall uprising, neighbourhoods pick cultural spaces, tours and nightlife that symbolize the citys lesbian spirit

Andrew Lear, founder, lesbian history tour busines Oscar Wilde Tours

The Metropolitan Museum is tagging Stonewall 50 with a gay-related theme for its annual gala and the exhibition Camp: Notes on Fashion ( free with museum ticket; adult $25, under-1 2 free, until 8 September ). LGBT critics such as RuPaul have suggested the demo fails to capture the concept of “camp” and I generally agree. Nonetheless, it’s a great opportunity to see the enjoyable, extravagant slope of the Costume Institute’s amazing collection. Likewise, the show includes a great display of art and objectives from LGBT history, including Pennington’s photograph– the only full portrait- of Oscar Wilde, and Paul Cadmus‘s often-discussed but rarely attended The Fleet’s In !, with its scandal-rousing scene of mixed homosexual and straight cruising in 1930 s New York.

Dancers contest during Battle Of The Legend: Vogueing At The Met, outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, June, 2019, New York. Photograph: Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

The show Art After Stonewall, 1969 -1 989 is spread over two seats: task from the 1970 s is at the world’s only museum of LGBT art, the Leslie-Lohman Museum( hinted admittance $10, until 21 July ), while artistry from the 1980 s is at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery( showed admission$ 5, until 20 July ). The show clearly defines artworks in the context of the fight for LGBTQ rights and changing concepts of sexuality and gender. Foregrounds include David Hockney’s unusual photograph of Divine, a Bachardy charcoal sketch of the dying Christopher Isherwood, a great collection of Boston school photographs, and scenes by and of Keith Haring( I especially like an Annie Leibovitz hit of Haring nude and body-painted by himself ).

Keith Haring artwork, on display at the Art After Stonewall exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum. Photograph:( c) Keith Haring Foundation

The New York Public Library’s Love and Resistance: Stonewall 50 ( until 13 July) show facets archival material from the period around the Stonewall uprising. Photographs by lesbian activists Kay Lahusen and Diana Davies are the unifying theme but there are also other photos such as Fred W McDarrah’s iconic film of Stonewall’s strikingly diverse patrons. The ephemera are particularly touching, such as a Gay Liberation Front newsletter from 1970, questioning readers to send suggestions about commemorating the Stonewall uprising to Craig Rodwell, one of organizers of the first Gay Pride march.

Merryn Johns, writer of Curve magazine

The Lesbian Herstory Archives ( 484 14 th Street ), in Brooklyn’s original “lesbian” locality of Park Slope has thousands of archival pieces, memorabilia and artefacts from the city’s lesbian biography and culture that will help tourists gain revelation into the evolution of the community. It is free to visit but check the opening hours, which mutate month to month. Group tours are available but is required to be booked in advance.

Restaurants Via Carota, Buvette, and the recently opened Bar Pisellino( all in Grove Street, West Village) are owned by the astoundingly successful duet Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, “whos had” bought their infatuation for- and knowledge of- authentic French and Italian prepare to the West Village with these three stylish organisations. Via Carota’s green salad was described as the best in the world by chef and scribe Samin Nosrat in the New York Times, while the” near genius” Manhattan served at Buvette is the best in the city, according to .

Bar Pisellino

Local Expeditions , founded by Brooklynite Nancy Blaine, focuses on wallet-friendly walking tours designed by locals that go beyond the usual tourist haunts. The tongue-in-cheek East and West Village tours are particularly good fun and come from a neighbourhood view: for example, the This Used To Be Gay tour, which Blaine developed with her friend Moe Angelos( of concert group the Five Lesbian Friend ). She says:” The neighbourhoods are still kind of LGBTQ but they have become quite’ status quo’ in the past 15 years or so. I left the West Village in 2001 because all my people had moved to Brooklyn. That said, the LGBTQ history in the Village is fantastic and there is so much to show. We are really excited about it .” Tours are between two and 3 hour long and costs between $20 and $60 with 5% of continues going to the guide’s favor charity.

Gonzalo Casals, executive director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum

The Bureau of General Services- Queer Division( 208 West 13 th Street, until 15 September ), at the LGBTQ Center, is my favourite queer bookstore in NYC with a great selection of’ zines and creator books. Make sure you check out the Bureau’s Y’all Better Quiet Down, a group exhibition of arts and ephemera in response to the 50 th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising curated by Nelson Santos.

Button badges from the Bureau of General Work- Queer Division’s Y’all Better Quiet Down group exhibition.

At the Brooklyn Museum, the Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Times After Stonewall exhibition( until 8 December) explores the profound bequest of the Stonewall uprisings within contemporary art and visual culture today. The reveal masterfully exemplifies queerness at its most fluid and expansive, bringing together the tones of 28 artists assume after 1969 whose artworks look at the past in search for mirrors to their own queer identities, while protrude a more nuanced and intersectional future.

In the heart of the West Village is Julius ‘ ( 159 West 10 th Street ), the city’s oldest stay gay prohibit, where the famed Sip-In has just taken place. The 1966 action by the Mattachine Society challenged tables and restaurants that refused to serve alcohol to homosexuals, a standard practice at the time. Go for the happy hour( every day from 4pm-9pm) and remain for the consolation food.

Take a voguing class( single class $17, supported twice weekly from 6pm ), at the Gibney Dance studios on Broadway with Jason Anthony Rodriguez, aka Slim Ninja. Vogue is a form of self-expression in which striking elegant constitutes promotes your confidence and, more importantly, yourself. After body-conditioning and elongating you will find rehearsals and compoundings that knit together key voguing parts such as arms control, runway, cat go, duck amble, and dips.

Eric Marcus, architect and emcee, Making Gay Historypodcast

Alice Austen House on Staten Island was the dwelling of the prolific and pioneering photographer where, rebelling against Victorian mores, she lived with her partner, Gertrude Tate. The museum houses a permanent collection of Austen’s work, with documentary photos captivating municipality life in the late 1800 s and early 1900 s, sitting with early images of the status of women dressed in male drag. There is still exhibits of other photographers’ wield- the current exhibition, Stonewall at 50( until 30 September ), includes portraits of 15 intergenerational LGBTQ+ activists and artists by Collier Schorr.( Museum entrance is a$ 5 proposed subscription ).

Another special exhibition to mark the 50 th anniversary of Stonewall, Pride: Photographs of Stonewall and Beyond , is on at the Museum of the City of New York( until 31 December, $18 ). It is made up of a money of personas by Fred W McDarrah, former personnel photographer for the Village Voice, “whos working” at the liberal US news and culture paper for more than five decades. The show includes photographs of the initial Stonewall uprising, intimate likeness of substantial people in the LGBTQ privileges motion, and personas of pride advances, protests and other public LGBTQ events.

The Midsummer Night’s Swing at the Lincoln Centre in New York City. Photograph: Kevin Yatarola

Dance strips all over the world accompanying a splendid open-air party to Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park for the annual Midsummer Night’s Swing , with phenomena every night until 13 July. It’s one of the city’s largest outdoor dance occasions, and has been running since 1988, and includes different live plays each night playing sway, salsa, R& B, disco and tango, alongside DJs, dance instructors and a late-night silent disco.

Bayard Rustin’s Residence was the home of the key strategist in the civil and gay rights shifts. He was a proponent of nonviolent demonstrate, a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr, and a conduct organiser of the landmark 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. He lived at the Chelsea apartment from 1962 to 1987, and a plaque outside now standings his life and work, in particular the famed paraphrase:” We need, in every community, a group of ethereal agitators .” For more on this, there is a Making Gay History chapter from 2016 boasting an interrogation with his partner Walter Naegle, and a 1986 registering of an interrogation between Bayard and Peg Byron, who was writing for the DC-based gay newspaper the Washington Blade.

Tygapaw, aka Dion McKenzie, musician/ DJ, and founder, Fake Accent record label

Mood Ring is a gay bar in Bushwick on Myrtle Avenue, a few cases steps away from tropical-themed defendant venue Bossa Nova Civics Club . I’ve hosted my lesbian Caribbean party” No Badmind” at Mood Ring and the betterment energy and inclusiveness is what retains me coming back. The guzzles register facets astrology-themed concoctions ($ 11) and this is definitely my go-to spot for a good sometime night.

Starr Bar. Photograph: Rex, New Visual Collective

If you are dedicated to nightlife that has well-curated DJ lineups and endorses for underground club-music culture, H0l 0 in Ridgewood, Queens is a solid pick. It’s a versatile recognize that hosts some of my favenights, such as Gush, a lesbian party for women of colour where, according to co-founder Angela Dimayuga,the pricing” is a reverse economic system from the world outside”- tickets are$ 5 for femme/ non-binary kinfolks, $10 for gay cis beings, and $75 for straight humankinds.

Nowadays , on the Brooklyn/ Queens borderline, started life as an outdoor forbid, restaurant and party cavity- that’s free to register. In 2017 “its been opened” an indoor venue and it’s one of my favourite newer sororities. The sound system is everything a association kid lusts. The lighting is sophisticated and the fog is always at peak density. The subwoofer will encourage you to move your figure regardless of whether you feel compelled to dance or not, it’s hard to resist that bass. Leave your phone in your pocket because the venue enforces a no-cellphone-on-the-dancefloor policy. You won’t need it anyway, you’ll be preoccupied with the infectious techno and sorority music-filled establisheds performed by skilled DJs on any handed days of the week.

Starr Bar is a reasonably new venue, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The venue supports the QTPOC community on a consistent basis, by hosting open-mic music, poetry and performance incidents, a” political shop” with any debates and other accompanying political-themed cocktails, Marxist-feminist happy hour, swing dance classes and much more.

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“HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS WEIGHT YOUVE GAINED?”: Doctors Shocking Question to 13-Yr-Old Daughter Leaves Mom Enraged

When it comes to body image, modern American culture has done a pretty good job of preparing an impossible standard on young women. With periodicals, weight loss ads, and Victoria’s Secret runway shows that scream “thinner is BETTER”, it’s no astonish that so many girls today struggle with eating disorders and self-esteem issues.

But one lieu you wouldn’t expect a strong, health teen girlfriend to be body reproached at is her own doctor’s office.

But that’s exactly what happened to Julie Venn’s 13 -year-old daughter Riley when she went in for her yearly physical last month.

The active, sport-involved teen was shockingly was put forward by her Nurse clinician if she could explain all the weight she’s gained this year.


Totally aghast, Julie stopped the woman and sounded in with a heartfelt tirade championing person positivity and the empowerment of this generation of young girls.

Since sharing her powerful attitude with the Moms of Tweens and Teens Facebook page, Julie’s message has get mega-viral for all the right grounds, being shared by media outlets across the web.

Read her upright in full below 😛 TAGEND

This week I took my 13 year old-fashioned daughter to get her physical. As we entered the examination room I was evoked to see how tall Riley would be as this year she has grown a ton! The coach in me has loved seeing her strength and size lastly come along and the mom in me has loved watching this beautiful young girl begin to become a young woman.

Enter first physicians assistant to take her vitals. Height, weight and blood pressure.

She scribbles them down and foliages the area. Enter Registered nurse. She begins by questioning many questions- whats your bedtime? How much activity do you get? Are you have been engaged in boasts? Do you get enough dairy in your nutrition? She expects her multiple times- anything else going on I should know about? Riley is friendly and explanations all honestly and openly. She justifies she will play two boasts soon-softball in the descent and basketball in the winter. She tells her she goes to bed around 10:30 pm and doesn’t have trouble sleeping.

The NP press her little on the boasts participate sort of insinuating she will have trouble poising that with school but Riley seems unaffected. She then questions her- How was institution for you this last year? Riley again with complete honesty says- It was actually very difficult for me. There got a lot of drama and I struggled. The NP says that is pretty typical for 7th grade and moves on. She asks about get her interval and if it is regular. Riley shows she has gotten it but it has not been with regularity yet.

The NP then looking at her computer, then back up at Riley’s face and supposed to say to my 13 year old-time daughter- “Tell me RILEY, HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS WEIGHT YOU’VE GAINED? ” My daughter is speechless and her seeings begin to glass over. I am speechless and the NP goes on to explain to her that held what her previous load was last year- the numbers simply don’t correlate with her current altitude. Has she been gobbling junk food or has her activity level changed.

I LOST MY MIND. I had a literal, physical reaction. I put my hands up and said “STOP! You need to stop talking to my daughter about her load. She is 13, she is strong. She is healthy and she is PERFECT. You need to move on! ” NP seems astonished at my action and doesn’t say much. She are ongoing with her quiz. As she finishes she asks me to follow her because she has a question to ask me. I follow her into an adjoining room out of earshot of two daughters and she asks me why I had that reaction to her. I explained in no uncertain terms that she was out of line in the way she are dealing with my daughter.

Our daughters required to be empowered and subsidized and celebrated. They already have to compare themselves to the stupid social media[ criteria ]. They are inundated with images of perfection via tv, youtube, FB, Instagram and Snapchat. Their whole freaking lives have a filter on them !! I hammer home the importance of eating health, activity and of course plays because we are sporty parties but my[ gosh ]! Girls gobbled junk food! Kids sit around watching Netflix! Kids get heavier, lighter, taller, wider! ITS NORMAL! Our young girls need a break-dance! If my child has a problem or is OVERWEIGHT than a doctor needs to talk to ME- not my daughter.

This NP actually went on to defend herself by saying she tells the children because they have control over their nutrient and practise. My response- LAST I CHECKED MAAM I DO THE GROCERY SHOPPING and the meal readying and the extracurricular scheduling for my children. She’s 13! She responded that some children have their own “pocket money” and use it for garbage.[ SO] – we left the office and won’t be back. The conclude I am sharing this is because it is dangerous. Riley’s response when we left was “Mom, this is why teenagers have anorexia or feel like they are looking forward to hurt themselves.” She is exactly right!

Hey NP! Here’s what you COULD have said to my daughter and all of the beautiful young maids you impact-

“Hey kiddo. Let me tell you how exciting this time of your life is. I see you have started to grow into being a strong young woman and that is awesome! Known better some girlfriends gain weight, some lose weight, some struggle with acne, some feel insecure but remember this- YOU ARE PERFECT simply the path you are. As you grow you will be responsible for more situations that pertain to your body- hygiene, task, menstruation, activity and healthy eating. This is just the beginning of a long, perplexing, sometimes unnerving street to becoming a woman but it is worth it!

-From a wonderful friend of Moms of Tweens and Teens Julie Venn

Be sure to share Julie’s message with the body-positive mothers you are aware of on Facebook!

Together, we can send the message that STRONG is the new skinny.

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Thomasina Miers Californian apricot salad recipe | The Simple Fix

A dish that shows a tract of sunshine: apricot, buffalo cheese, kale and crunchy seeds, all doused in a tangy dressing

Californian food is sunshine meat: fresh, crisp and golden. Like Mexico, the regime flourishes abundant fresh fruit and veggies, and it is this fresh cause that seems to define its cuisine.

Vegan food is all the rage on the Western coast, and you could adapt this salad by swapping the burrata for the purposes of an evenly creamy and luscious avocado. Serve as a starter or as part of a beautiful alfresco feast.

Apricot salad with burrata, kale and crunchy seeds

If you can’t find burrata, use mozzarella threshed in a little olive oil and creme fraiche instead.

Prep < strong> 30 min
Cook < strong> 20 min

Serves < strong> 4-6

8 ripe apricots , halved and stones removed
2 tsp soft chocolate-brown carbohydrate
3 tbsp olive oil
Salt and black pepper

2 tsp chopped oregano or thyme buds
200 g kale , tough roots removed
2 child pearl loots , separated into leaves
2 large, ripe beef tomatoes , cut into chunks
1 big handful plenty leaves
4 small-minded burrata or 2 larger ones

For the seeds
200 g pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp soft dark-brown carbohydrate

For the dressing
1 tsp dijon mustard
3-4 tsp chardonnay or other white wine vinegar
6 tsp soft dark-brown sugar
120 ml extra-virgin olive oil

Heat the oven to 200 C( 180 C love )/ 390 F/ gas 6. Arrange the apricot halves cut back up on a cook tray and scatter with the carbohydrate, two tablespoons of olive oil, and batch of salt and pepper. Scatter the herbs over the apricots, then roasted for about 20 minutes, until golden.

Lay the pumpkin seeds on a separate roasting tray, mix with the olive oil, paprika, soy sauce and carbohydrate, then season. Roast in the same oven for 10 -1 two minutes, budging halfway cooking, until neatly toasted and puffed up. Set both the apricots and seeds aside to cool.

Meanwhile, shred the kale leaves with a large chopping knife, then placed them in a large bowl with another tablespoon of olive oil and a big pinch of salt. Massage the petroleum into the kale with your hands for three to four minutes, until it begins to wilt and soften. Add the lettuce, tomatoes and mint foliages to the bowl.

To make the gown, mixture the mustard and vinegar in a jar with half a teaspoon of salt, the carbohydrate and olive oil.

Toss the salad in the prepare, savor, then adjust the seasoning with more sugar, salt or vinegar, as required. Arrange on one large sheet or subdivide between four individual plates, then top with the apricot halvesIf serving on one huge plate, tear over the burrata and scatter with half the seeds( reserve the remain for another time ). If you are using individual illustrations, nestle a burrata in among the middle of the salad and sow with seeds. Serve straight away.

And for the rest of the week

I love roast apricots with vanilla or saffron ice-cream. Drizzle the apricots with a teaspoon of orange flower, some vanilla sugar and chopped pistachios before cooking as above. Leftover seeds are great scattered over stir-fries, pasta or other salads for a luscious crunch.

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8 More Black Friday Fashion Deals You Need To Know About Betches

There isn’t much that we love more than eating some good-ass food. But vacation shopping for clothes and spend money on a cluster of sh* t we probably could live without? Those come pretty close. As shot as I am to finally eat homemade food that doesn’t consist of me steaming pasta this Thanksgiving, I’m too psyched to be on my phone all nighttime long with my credit card number memorized, so I can police more pairs of shoes. It’s 2018, and I’m wondering why this money-obsessed country has yet to become Black Friday an official holiday ?! Someone LMK, please. Anyway, I’ll continue to treat it as such every year. Oh, how it stimulates me to score a good deal, opposed my space through a army( perks of living in NYC, I guess ), and tally free shipping. This year’s transactions are nothing less than the best, so I’ll cut to the point and get at it .


Adidas has already started posting on to their Black Friday page, so clearly, they’re getting a head start this vacation season. Tons of styles of sneakers are in conformity with the 50% off, so you can score a brand-new duet of kicks now before the basics get to them. As an added bonus? Free shipping, betch.

Adidas Women’s Essentials Cloudfoam Advantage Clean Shoes

Good American

Whether it’s for yourself or you plan on buying them as a gift, select modes of your favorite booty-hugging jeans will be 25% off at Good American from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Good American Good Waist Crop Raw Edge


Starting the 21 st through Cyber Monday, Levi’s will be offering 40% off everything , no promo code necessary.

Levi’s Wedgie Fit Skinny Jeans in Soft Ultra Black


Macy’s is basically just asking to recreate the fight scene from Mean Girls with their 2018 Black Friday deals. For starters, they’ll be offering 12 FREE doorbusters after a mail-in rebate until 1pm on Black Friday. So, yes, you actually would have to mail that sh* t in. They’ll also have Savings Passes that are $10 off $25 and $20 off $50. Bless our mind and our bank accounts.

Kenneth Cole Faux-Fur Teddy Coat


Puma will give 30% off hand-picked modes starting next Wednesday through Sunday. Use the promo system “PUMAFRIDAY”.

Puma Training Women’s A.C.E. Sweat Jacket in Light Gray Heather

Saks Off Fifth

Beginning Monday through Black Friday, Saks Off Fifth will have all hairs, cashmere items, designer jeans, boots, and cold weather gear 50% off. Start loading up your cart now since we are both know nothing will last long in this sale.

Vince Blakely Leather Block Heel Loot/ 2.5 ”

The Outnet

On Black Friday, use the promo code ” BLACKFRIDAY”( lol, easy peasy) for a discount with select items.

Milly Abby open-back belted stretch-crepe top

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is actually starting their Black Friday batches earlier today, they’ve already begun. Take 40% off of pajama separates and get a free pair of slippers with the system “PJBONUS” when purchasing a full-priced pajama organize. You’ll too be able to get a free balm and makeup bag with the purchase of any of their fragrances 1.7 oz or larger. Only use the code “GETLOTION” .

Photo: Rawpixel/ Unsplash; Adidas( 1 ); Alo Yoga( 1 ); Chinese Laundry( 1 ); Good American( 1 ); Levi’s( 1 ); Lord& Taylor( 1 ); Macy’s( 1 ); Nordstrom( 1 ); Puma( 1 ); Saks Off Fifth( 1 ); The Outnet( 1 ); Victoria’s Secret( 1)
Betches may receive a portion of revenue if you click a association and obtain a make or service. The links are independently targeted and do not influence editorial content .

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