Frog salad? BJs in California served up dead amphibian in its restaurant, woman claims

A woman from San Dimas, Calif ., tells Fox News she was beyond grossed out after observing a dead frog in a salad she told from BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse.

Cepeda and her family were dining at the BJs in West Covina when she claims she find something off about her salad but merely after she took various pierces and savoured something a bit sour, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

I see something various kinds of rolled up, Covina told the Tribune. I passed it to my husband. I asked, Is that a piece of loot?


To Cepedas horror, her husband and daughter canvassed the salad and broke the bulletin that , no, it wasnt lettuce.

Its a frickin frog, Cepedas partner responded.

In her precede one-star Yelp revaluation, Cepeda, 40, says she apprise the manager about the unwanted fixin, but this is the only way present to comp her meal.

I told him this frog could contain salmonella and who knows how long it’s been sitting in a render luggage, she wrote.

He still manufactured us pay for our sips which dwell[ ed] of three beers total! she added.

Cepeda further tells Fox News that the staff appeared to do nothing to prevent fellow diners from similar contamination.

The restaurant did nothing about apprise any other customers there that night[ who were] dining salad, says Cepeda. At that item, all the salad is polluted and people needed to know they had a potential to get sick.


Indeed, Cepeda told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune that shes felt queasy since the incident. She went to a doctor who told her she wasnt suffering from salmonella poisoning healthy amphibians can carry salmonella, according to the CDC but he prescribed antibiotics to plow a possible bacterial illnes she may have contracted.

BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse has since reached out to her, but Cepeda claims their response was a little lacking.

I received a phone call from the corporate office with an confession followed by a $50 endowment card, Cepeda tells Fox News. First of all, I’m never ingesting there again, and second, they fantasized by mailing $50, that was going to say sorry for the dead frog that was missing its guts.”

I would then be fine with the I’m sorry, and thats it.

In the following statement obtained by Fox News, such other representatives for BJ’s Restaurant claims the company is looking into the situation.

“Guest satisfaction and tone power are our highest priorities, ” speaks the statement. “We take situations like this very seriously and have launched an internal investigation including the consultations with our both suppliers and distributors is working to ensure that nothing like this happens in the future.”

The case has also been referred to the California Department of Public Health, an researcher for the Los Angeles Department of Public Health confirmed to the San Gabriel Valley Times.

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