“HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS WEIGHT YOUVE GAINED?”: Doctors Shocking Question to 13-Yr-Old Daughter Leaves Mom Enraged

When it comes to body image, modern American culture has done a pretty good enterprise of preparing an impossible standard on young lady. With publications, weight loss ads, and Victoria’s Secret runway shows that scream “thinner is BETTER”, it’s no stun that so many girlfriends today struggle with eating disorders and self-esteem issues.

But one situate you wouldn’t expect a strong, health teen daughter to be torso dishonor at is her own doctor’s office.

But that’s exactly what happened to Julie Venn’s 13 -year-old daughter Riley when “shes gone” in for her yearly physical last month.

The active, sport-involved teen was shockingly asked by her Nurse clinician if she could explain all the heavines she’s gained this year.


Totally aghast, Julie stopped the woman and chimed in with a passionate rant endorse torso positivity and the empowerment of this generation of young girls.

Since sharing her potent view with the Moms of Tweens and Teens Facebook sheet, Julie’s message has run mega-viral for all the right grounds, being shared by media shops across the web.

Read her post in full below 😛 TAGEND

This week I took my 13 year old daughter to get her physical. As we entered the examination chamber I was stimulated to see how tall Riley would be as this year she has grown a ton! The coach in me has affection do with her fortitude and size ultimately come along and the mommy in me has adored watching this beautiful young girl begin to become a young woman.

Enter first specialists assistant to take her vitals. Height, load and blood pressure.

She jots them down and leaves the room. Enter Nurse practitioner. She begins by asking many questions- whats your bedtime? How much workout do you get? Are you involved in plays? Do you get enough dairy in your food? She requests her multiple times- anything else gone on I should know about? Riley is friendly and reacts all frankly and openly. She explains she will play two athletics soon-softball in the drop and basketball in the winter. She tells her she goes to bed around 10:30 pm and doesn’t have trouble sleeping.

The NP presses her little on the athletics participation sort of insinuating she will have trouble poising that with academy but Riley seems unchanged. She then expects her- How was institution for you this last year? Riley again with ended honesty says- It was actually difficult for me. There was a lot of drama and I fought. The NP says that is pretty typical for 7th tier and is moving forward. She requests about get her age and if “its by” regular. Riley interprets she has goes it but it has not been with regularity yet.

The NP then looks down at her computer, then back up at Riley’s face and says to my 13 year old-fashioned daughter- “Tell me RILEY, HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS WEIGHT YOU’VE GAINED? ” My daughter is speechless and her gazes has started to glass over. I am speechless and the NP goes on to explain to her that handed what her previous load was last year- the numbers simply don’t match with her current altitude. Has she been gobbling junk food or has her activity level changed.

I LOST MY MIND. I had a literal, physical reaction. I threw my hand up and said “STOP! You need to stop talking to two daughters about her weight. She is 13, she is strong. She is healthy and she is PERFECT. You need to move on! ” NP seems astounded at my reaction and doesn’t say much. She continues with her exam. As she ceases she asks me to follow her because she has a question to ask me. I follow her into an adjoining area out of earshot of two daughters and she asks me why I had that reaction to her. I explained in no uncertain terms that she was out of line in the way she dealt with my daughter.

Our daughters is essential to entitled and supported and celebrated. They already have to compare themselves to the ludicrous social media[ standards ]. They are submerge with images of perfection via tv, youtube, FB, Instagram and Snapchat. Their whole freaking lives have a filter on them !! I hammer home the importance of feeing healthy, activity and of course athletics because we are stylish people but my[ gosh ]! Kids eat junk food! Kids sit around watching Netflix! Kids get heavier, lighter, taller, wider! Normal conditions of! Our young ladies need a end! If their own children has a problem or is OVERWEIGHT than a doctor needs to talk to ME- not my daughter.

This NP actually went on to defend herself by saying she tells the kids because they have ensure over their food and effort. My response- LAST I CHECKED MAAM I DO THE GROCERY SHOPPING and the dinner cooking and the extracurricular scheduling for my children. She’s 13! She responded that some kids have their own “pocket money” and use it for waste.[ SO] – we left the agency and won’t be back. The rationale I am sharing this is because it is dangerous. Riley’s response when we left was “Mom, this is why kids have anorexia or feel like they wish to wounded themselves.” She is exactly right!

Hey NP! Here’s what you COULD have said to two daughters and all of the beautiful young females you impact-

“Hey kiddo. Tell me tell you how exciting this time of your life is. I see you have started to grow into being a strong young woman and that is awesome! Know that some girlfriends gain weight, some lose weight, some struggle with acne, some feel insecure but remember this- YOU ARE PERFECT precisely the channel “you think youre”. As you ripen you will be responsible for more things that are related to your body- cleanlines, act, menstruation, workout and healthy eating. This is just the beginning of a long, disorient, sometimes unnerving road to becoming a woman but it is worth it!

-From a wonderful friend of Moms of Tweens and Teens Julie Venn

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