Strawberry Mojito Shakeology®

It is safe to say that the health benefits of Shakeology are endless; they aid digestion, help to lose weight, and are full of powerful ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Not only this, but Shakeology is incredibly flexible, and can be molded to suit each and every taste and preference. Here are some awesome Shakeology recipes that you just have to try.

Strawberry Mojito: Mix together your strawberry Shakeology with one cup of water, a tablespoon of fresh lime juice, and two tablespoons of fresh mint leaves to create a taste similar to Strawberry Mojito.

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Greenberry & Cranberry Cooler: One of the original Shakeology flavors Greenberry tastes amazing when mixed with cranberry juice. Simply add half a cup of water, half a cup of unsweetened cranberry juice, and ice if you want something that’s extra refreshing.

Chocolate & Vanilla: Perfect for self-confessed chocoholics, the chocolate and vanilla mixture is a great dessert option. Mix vanilla Shakeology, the newest of the flavors, with a cup of skimmed milk and a tablespoon of cocoa powder to create the loveliest sweet treat.

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